Academy - Bergen


October 17 - 19, 2022: In what ways can listening be mobilized as a form of critical intervention, one that can impact onto scenes of personal and political struggle? How is listening utilized or figured within experiences of trauma, supporting acts of domination as well as healing and recuperation? What forms of knowledge emerge from sonic practices and projects, where listening is taken on as an experimental, relational position? And are there new opportunities for supporting listening as what can aid in reworking current attention economies? Following these lines of questioning, The Listening Academy aims at fostering transdisciplinary discussions on the topic of listening which can contribute to understandings and acts of recognition and repair. This includes nurturing new imaginaries and knowledges around what it means to hear and be heard, to voice and respond, within today’s planetary environment.

This edition of the Academy brings together an international group of scholars, researchers and practitioners whose creative and critical expertise are supportive for diversifying what an art or science of listening may be. Through individual presentations, discussions and performative works, we’ll engage listening as the basis for storying other narratives and how it may enable thinking alongside and with the complexities of global experience.

Contributing participants include: Nathalie Aghoro, Leah Bassel, Dániel Péter Biró, Miguel Buenrostro, Wanda Canton, Rebecca Collins, Brandon LaBelle, Nanna Hauge Kristensen, Margarida Mendes, Sara Mikolai and Isuru Kumarasinghe, Merete Røstad, Mhamad Safa, Luisa Santos, Andrea Szigetvári, James Webb.

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