Third Listening Party

April 09, 2024

Please join us for this free-style gathering as part of The Listening Biennial and its current program centered around the concept of Third Listening. Saturday, April 20th / 19:00 - 22:00, at La Nave, C/ Amor Hermoso 88, Usera, 28026 Madrid


In the context of planetary thinking, it is by way of situated practices that we may better attune to the polyphony of a shared world. This includes acknowledging the diverse forms which cultures, bodies and discourse may take – to decolonize dominant methodologies that objectify the earth. To work at supporting a “world of many worlds” is to upset the lines often separating subject and object, life and death, self and other. These are questions and concerns we want to gather around, to open a space for listening across worlds. 


Taking place at the studio of Raúl Marcos and Oihana Altube in the neighborhood of Usera, in Madrid, the gathering will be facilitated by artist and writer Brandon LaBelle, with the input of María Escobar, Fátima Cué Pérez, Catalina Mahecha, África Nieto, Paco Lidón, along with Oihana Altube and Raúl Marcos. The gathering will include exploring Third Listening as a proposition for reworking knowledge practices by way of the uncommoning configurations central to a “creaturely life” – where ecologies of relations support a reorientation of what counts as human. 


The evening will include the screening of a new video work The Ghost Party. Developed collaboratively by Oihana Altube, Raúl Marcos, María Escobar, Fátima Cué Pérez, Brandon LaBelle, Paco Lidón, Catalina Mahecha, and África Nieto, the work was filmed in various sites in Madrid in 2022, and aims at capturing scenes of embodied transformation. Taking guidance from the figure of the ghost, the performers construct a ritualized dance of withdrawal, to inhabit a new planetary relation.