Workshop on Third Listening + Jam Session

May 09, 2024

Please join us for this workshop on Third Listening + Jam Session, on Friday, May 10, 10:00 - 17:00 & Saturday, May 11, 16:00 - 22:00, organized and facilitated by Danijela Dugandžić, Brandon LaBelle, Lala Raščić, at CRVENA Association, Augusta Brauna 14, Sarajevo & Nona Residency.


Understandings of ecological thinking are grounded in situated practices and ways of keeping close to embodied and experiential knowledge: it is by way of ecological thinking that feelings of interdependency become guiding forces, so as to better attune to the life of place and people, and the interconnective threading shaping the vitality of the living. As Lorraine Code maps in her insightful work, ecological thinking helps incite a much-needed paradigm shift, away from legacies of human (androcentric) exceptionalism – a positive “dispossession” of the transcendent I. 


How to delve further into ecological thinking, finding the tools and means for fostering feelings of interdependency? In what ways can ecological thinking stand up against the ongoingness of political, planetary violences? Are there modes of creative and critical practice through which to deploy and grow a certain ecological rhythm, pattern, orientation? And how might listening, as a practice and subject position, contribute? 


Following questions of ecological thinking, we’re concerned to collaboratively inquire into what it might mean to stay close to the ground, to keep situated while fostering cultures of planetary connection. These inquiries take guidance from the concept of Third Listening, which is posed as a generative framework for speaking and listening together, for staggering the event economies that do much to instrumentalize our attention. Third Listening is a feminist listening, an ecological listening.


Please join us for this two-day workshop where we’ll open a collaborative space for exploring creative and critical modes of listening, and in what ways we might inhabit an ecological approach. The first day will include a presentation by Brandon LaBelle (artistic director, The Listening Biennial), who will introduce The Listening Biennial and share their current program in dialogue with Danijela Dugandžić (head of CRVENA) and Lala Raščić (Nona Residency). We will also open a broader conversation together, to map key concerns and potential methods, especially with a focus on the idea of ecological practices. 


We’ll conclude with a free-form Jam Session on the second day, taking place in the front yard of the Nona Residency: please bring instruments, materials, and an open ear, for sounding a collective environmental body. 


The workshop is developed in the context of The Listening Biennial, and its current research into Third Listening as the basis for the next edition of the Biennial scheduled for September 2025.