YASS! 2023 Digital Masterclass

November 07, 2023

YASS! 2023 | Digital Masterclasses

Lucia Scazzocchio, Kristina Loring, Lucif Dalin, Astrid Hald & Rikke Houd and Raymond Antrobus

2 + 9 + 16 + 21 November 2023

a project by Radio Papesse
in collaboration with AREA06 / Short Theatre
and the support of Comune di Firenze and Fondazione CR Firenzes

Radio Papesse – Associated Partner of Radio That Matters – and LUCIA support creative authorship, new voices and innovative productions that play with and around the limits and rules of radio production and podcasting. 

YASS! You are so sound is a training and exchange program for producers, audio makers, sound artists and cultural workers interested in audio narration. Each masterclass will provide you with tools and behind-the-scenes perspectives to discover how others work and learn from good practice. Thanks to the collaboration and the support of AREA06 / Short Theatre and Radio That Matters, this edition opens up to investigate the relationships between performing arts, sonic agency, acoustic research, radiophony and disability.

The 2023 edition of YASS! features: Lucia Scazzocchio, Kristina Loring, Lucif Dalin, Astrid Hald & Rikke Houd and Raymond Antrobus.

2 November, 6 pm | A field guide to social broadcasting | Lucia Scazzocchio

9 November, 6 pm | How do you make audio papable? | Kristina Loring

16 November, 6 pm | Nothing about us without us | Lucif Dalin, Astrid Hald & Rikke Houd

21 November, 5 pm | The Word. Spoken. Written. Signed. Conceived. | Raymond Antrobus

For more information see: https://www.luciafestival.org/en/yass-en/